Dakich Cycles For The City

Dan Dakich and his wife, Leigh, are passionate about getting bikes for kids in Indianapolis. The idea started when they saw a group of three friends on a downtown Indy sidewalk. Two of the kids were riding their bikes while the other friend was running alongside them. This started a conversation of fond memories for both Dan and Leigh – the adventures they had with their friends, the responsibility of maintaining their bikes, the independence they felt leaving the house, and the exercise that came along with riding a bike. They wanted to give kids, who otherwise may not be able to afford a bike, the chance to experience that same sense of freedom.

In 2019, Dakich Cycles for the City was started.  Initially, Dan and Leigh bought bikes on their own and delivered them to over 50 kids in Indianapolis.  Dan would share the stories on his Indianapolis daytime radio show and listeners wanted to help.  As the need for bikes grew, so did the donations. That’s when Dan and Leigh enlisted the help of Indiana Sports Corp who was able to secure a partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods to supply bikes, helmets, and locks.  Indiana Sports Corp’s strong community ties also helped to connect more kids in need of bikes through churches, schools, and community centers throughout Indianapolis. 

Since its inception in 2019, Dakich Cycles for the City has been able to give away over 500 bikes to kids in Indianapolis and surrounding communities in Indiana. Indy’s Sports Ticket is happy to support this mission.